Turns out the only thing proponents of fresh food have been feeding you…..is lies!

Since the days of being told to eat our vegetables, we’ve all known fresh food is the best food. We’re constantly reminded of it, as we’re perpetually blasted by the media and advertisements touting the fresh mantra, bragging about ingredients that are “never frozen”. What could possibly be worse than frozen food – amirite?

Enter science. It just so happens that frozen food can be as healthy as fresh and in some cases, healthier! Recent studies have shown that frozen fruits and vegetables may contain higher levels of certain nutrients than their fresh counterparts. Much of this can be attributed to fresh produce being picked before peak ripeness and the long journey that it takes to make it to your local supermarket’s shelf. Frozen produce, on the other hand, is picked at peak ripeness and frozen within a few hours.

So why does frozen food catch such a bad rap? Many frozen meals contain heavily processed foods, which can be unhealthy for a number of reasons and mass consumption should generally be avoided. The method of preparation and level of preservatives, and sometimes chemicals, can be extremely detrimental to your health. By contrast, minimally processed foods, which includes anything that has been precooked, are typically fine. Remember that weekend meal preparation you did that one time you were aiming to be good about home cooked meals (and failed to keep up)? You processed all that food for later consumption! Not so scary after all.

It’s not all bad news for frozen meals! Many new offerings of frozen meals are made with healthier ingredients, and are minimally processed. They also provide portion control, one of the most difficult elements to control when trying to eat healthily. Maybe next time you’re choosing what to eat, the stigma of frozen won’t be a factor.

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