Have you tried meal kits? They’re pretty nifty – the perfect proportion of ingredients, a step-by-step recipe, all delivered right to your doorstep for the ever-so-steep price of 12 dollars a meal. The epitome of convenience! Or not.

It certainly wasn’t the price that attracted you, and unless you’re really conscious about reducing food waste (which means food waste probably already isn’t an issue for you) it wasn’t that either. You’re busy! You like cooking – who doesn’t want to be a great chef – but it’s such a time sink. You’re looking for a way to make cooking faster, more convenient, more… not like cooking.

The self-evident truth is that cooking takes time. And on the days where you have that time, it’s a wonderful, fun, and experiential learning process. We here at SueChef have spent our fair share of whole days smoking meat, but that’s hardly practical for the every day.

Meal kits are great for learning how to cook, but beyond that offer almost no convenience over regular old cooking. They’re never going to fix the continuously worsening problem facing you today – you have no time left to spare. Convenience is what you need, that’s the whole dang reason you got these kits in the first place! It’s time for a paradigm shift – it’s time for SueChef. Stop cooking! Stop.Cooking.

Seriously, stop. Cooking.

Here at SueChef, we care about more than just amazing meals and service (got it) and a kitchen appliance that makes your smart kitchen actually smart (also got it). We care about the greater you. It’s our mission to give you back the time you used to spend in the kitchen without sacrificing the quality of food – or your wallet. Delicious meals prepared for you, not by you.  Sign up for updates about SueChef and follow us on social media if you think we’re awesome.