Today, everything in your home is slowly becoming “smart”—the TV, the lights, even the thermostat. The smart home push has taken over as the new craze in home electronics and appliances and the premise is really quite simple—connect all of these devices to the cloud to allow you to manage them wherever you are or even have them manage themselves! The smart home has one goal—making life easier and daily tasks more convenient. Don’t worry, it’s no Skynet.

While some smart home appliances have smartphone apps that allow the user to perform these tasks, the use of AI-based voice assistants allows users to do so without even lifting a finger. Want to turn on the bathroom light? Ask Siri. Want the bedroom vacuumed? Ask Google Assistant. Want to see who’s at the door? Ask Alexa. All of this is great—until it’s dinner time. If you can manage your life without leaving the couch, why can’t you cook dinner the same way?

Well now, with SueChef, you can! We at Counter-Intuitive Cooking Inc. believe that the smart home isn’t complete until AI can perform ALL of your daily tasks. With SueChef, if you want a pizza waiting for you get home from work, just ask Sue. Sue will have it ready for you when you walk in the door. Sue knows what you have loaded and ready to cook, and can make suggestions for what you might want to eat next. Stuck in traffic? Sue is on it—your meal will start cooking perfectly on time so it isn’t cold when you get home. After all, isn’t cold pizza just for leftovers?

SueChef is the future of the smart kitchen, bringing the smart home technology you have in the rest of your house to your kitchen. So leave the lights to Alexa, and leave the cooking to Sue with SueChef! Sign up for updates about SueChef and follow us on social media if you think we’re awesome.