In today’s society, convenience reigns supreme. Everything you want can essentially be ordered from anywhere, items can be purchased and received in as quick as 2 hours (or faster!), and you don’t even have to pull your wallet out to pay for things. Convenience is a requirement for companies now, not a perk. But what do we sacrifice for this convenience?

Cost: As the saying goes, time is money. The more time that can be saved, the more money it will cost you. With the advent of technology, this is not always the case; but in some cases, convenience costs an arm and leg. Here at SueChef, we think you should have your time and your money.

Wellness and Quality: Saving time usually means skimping on something. When it comes to food, the skimping usually takes place in quality and nutritional density Microwaves make meals quickly, but sacrifice texture and taste. But now, Frozen Food can be healthy and delicious! And SueChef is helping make convenience, taste, and your health a top .

Environmental Impacts: Convenience in consumer products has led to an over abundance of non-recyclable waste. Quick to grab snacks and pre-packaged meals have added lots of packaging. All of this has led to massive amounts of garbage and large impact on our environment. That’s why environmentally safe and sustainable, have removed excess packaging, and designed a product that will stay with you for a while.

Overconsumption: With things being so easily available now, people have a tendency to get way more than they need. You may relate to ordering something on line, getting it a day later, and thinking to yourself, what did I order? This ability to just consume with out think also translates to our eating habits. Getting meals is so easy – too easy. When ordering food online, pop ups ask if we want to add a side, a drink, or a dessert  – look how delicious it looks. While this is great for business, it doesn’t help you from overeating. That’s why SueChef has focused on making single serve meals that are healthy, delicious, and the correct number of macronutrients you need in a meal. Did we mention the meals will be filling too!

Let’s be clear – we aren’t trying to scare anyone away from convenient applications or products. We encourage it. Convenience and time savings are fantastic. We have built our company around that concept. We just want people to be aware of the pitfalls of convenience. While SueChef is doing everything in its power to provide convenience in a responsible manner, there are a lot of companies that are not. If you like the idea of SueChef making convenience sustainable, you can follow us or signup for updates!