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Introducing Celcy: The Best Smart Oven & Freezer for Autonomous Cooking

Celcy is the ONLY cooking solution that doesn’t require you to be physically present at some stage of food prep. It’s the first fully automated cooking machine that prepares your meal while you’re away.

Simply load the freezer with up to 5 meals at your convenience and let Celcy’s smart oven do the rest.

How It Works

1 Select

Follow your cravings, use the Celcy smart kitchen app from anywhere to select your favorite meal or snack throughout the day.

2 Schedule

Let Celcy know what time you want to eat so you have a warm and remotely prepared chef-inspired meal ready when you want.

3 Enjoy

Enjoy your delicious meal and the extra time back in your day once Celcy autonomously handles the cooking!

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Stop Cooking

We waste 8 hours a week on meal prep

Save Money

Eating out is 325% more expensive


Food delivery takes about 45 minutes

See How Celcy Compares

Remotely Robotic CookingYESNONO
Automated Smart-Cooking SchedulingYESNONO
Multiple Cooking StylesYESYESYES
Meal Prep Time0 Mins10 Mins30 Mins
AI Enhanced ExperienceYESNOYES
Meal Options on the GoYESNONO

Home Cooked Meals At The Tap Of A Button

Take control of your health with our chef prepared and balanced meals created for every craving using our Celcy smart oven and freezer.

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Everyone’s Talking About Celcy

Hands down the best smart appliance I have ever owned. Being able to go about my day and not worry about meal prep has been life changing! 10/10 recommend to anybody who wants a quick healthy meal on demand without the hassle!

Life changing!

After a long day and even longer commute the last thing I want to do is make a mess in my kitchen by cooking. With Celcy’s GPS technology it knows the perfect time to put in my food so I can eat when I walk in the door! Celcy’s quick oven and freezer has made dinner so easy!

Celcy has made dinner so easy!

This is a must have for anybody who struggles with meal planning or eating healthy. I used to eat junk all week because I hated cooking and the fast food options were easy. I’m finally eating healthy on a regular schedule thanks to Celcy.

Finally eating healthy!