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How We Started

When a friend needed help finding an oven, Celcy’s founders couldn’t help but crack jokes at their buddy’s expense. They told him to look for an oven with crazy features like WIFI, robotic arms, a built-in freezer, and the ability to cook autonomously…then a lightbulb went off. They could create an automatic oven that cooks your meals for you, the kitchen appliance of the future, and a new way of cooking.

Celcy was born with a simple mission: to create the smartest kitchen appliance on the market that revolutionizes how you indulge in food today and lets you live your best life.

Meet the Founders

Max Wieder & Eddie Holzinger

After meeting at The Johns Hopkins University during their freshman year, Max and Eddie became fast friends. They shared the same appreciation for enjoyment and self-care, motivated by the desire to live their best life at all times. 

Four Hopkins degrees, and 20 years of combined experience in engineering, and cybersecurity later, Max and Eddie led busy lives and wanted to find ways to get time back in their days, so they can focus on the areas they enjoy. Finding a way to cook easy convenient meals seemed to be a solution. They knew there had to be a more time-efficient and healthier way to meal prep, and with that an automatic meal cooking appliance was born, Celcy.