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Celcy’s smart cooking machine and kitchen appliance is a unique combination of an oven and freezer and is the only at-home autonomous cooking solution that doesn’t require you to be physically present during any stage of the process.

Celcy prepares and cooks your chef prepared meal of choice all from your phone, using a smart kitchen mobile app that allows you to schedule your meal from anywhere. Compatible with all major smart-home devices, simply schedule your Celcy for when you want to eat, saving you time to get back to doing what you enjoy.

Product Details

  • Dual Freezer & Self-Cooking, Remote Smart Oven
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Android & iOS Compatible App
  • Smart Home Connectivity 
  • Stainless Steel
  • LED Lighting 
  • Various Cook Modes 
  • Simple & Easy-to-Use Design


  • No cleanup
  • No meal preparation
  • No figuring out cook time and temperature
  • No waiting for your oven to preheat or your meal to cook
  • Convenience of having chef prepared meals delivered to your door 
  • Machine that cooks food for you
  • Meal options on the go
  • Access to your smart oven using data or WIFI via Alexa, Google Home, and more!
  • More time for doing things you love

Everyone’s Talking About Celcy

Hands down the most innovative cooking appliance I have ever owned. Being able to go about my day and not worry about meal prep has been life changing! 10/10 recommend to anybody who wants a quick healthy meal without the hassle!

Life Changing!

After a long day and even longer commute the last thing I want to do is make a mess in my kitchen. With Celcy’s GPS technology it knows the perfect time to put in my food so I can eat when I walk in the door!

Celcy has made dinner so easy!

This is a must have for anybody who struggles with meal planning or eating healthy. I used to eat junk all week because I hated cooking, and the fast-food options were easy. I’m finally eating healthy on a regular schedule with this convenient cooking solution thanks to Celcy.

Finally eating healthy!

See How Celcy Compares

Celcy is the ONLY smart cooking solution that doesn’t require you to be physically present at any stage of the food prep and cooking process. 

Remotely Robotic CookingYESNONO
Automated Smart SchedulingYESNONO
Multiple Cooking StylesYESYESYES
Meal Prep Time0 Mins10 Mins30 Mins
AI Enhanced ExperienceYESNOYES
Meal Options on the GoYESNONO

Celcy on the Go

Celcy’s smart kitchen mobile app is coming soon! Continue to live your best life and plan your next meal with a tap on your phone.

  • One click order
  • Check your cooking status
  • Monitor your eating history
  • Track your calories and macros
  • Receive reminders of expiring foods
  • Share your meal with friends across social media
  • Schedule recurring cook times for your favorite meals

Compatible Devices

Have A Question?

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Is it safe to leave my Celcy plugged in when I am not using it?

Yes, it is completely safe to leave your Celcy plugged in when not in use. Celcy acts similarly to a refrigerator because it contains not only a smart oven but also a freezer to store your meals. You need to leave it plugged in to ensure your meals stay fresh.

Will this increase my energy bill?

You should not expect to see any significant increase in your yearly energy bill. However, like any appliance it does require some incremental amount of energy usage.

Can Celcy replace my oven or freezer?

We would love for Celcy to be the only kitchen appliance you use, but we wouldn’t recommend you get rid of your other appliances quite yet. If you are looking to cook for more than one or two people, you’ll likely need your oven. And of course, you’ll need your freezer to store Max’s favorite, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream. Celcy can’t make that just yet! 

Can I buy Celcy accessories?

Soon! We’re in the process of adding a wonderful accessory store. Get excited we have a wonderful accessory store being added to our page as we speak. Get excited for oven mitts, koozies, pool noodles, and more!